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Muscle injury due to total hip replacement

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common orthopedic problem affecting 10% of the population, half of them suffering from osteoarthritic changes in the hips. The only therapy for hip OA that has been proven to significantly decrease pain for the patient is the implantation of a total prosthesis, which means the replacement of both parts of the hip joint (acetabulum and femoral head) with prosthetic implants. Proper muscle function is crucial for the stabilization of the pelvis and early postoperative mobilization, which is strongly associated with improved patient outcomes. It is known that the poor functional outcome often seen following total hip replacement is particularly prevalent in older and overweight patients, and the poor outcome is presumed to have a muscular basis. It is our belief that cell therapies could significantly improve post-surgical outcomes for these patients by improving muscle regeneration.

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