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A Glimpse from the Media:

marketwatch This new drug could help the U.S. survive a nuclear meltdown
Market Watch, July 18, 2017
JPost The Israeli company protecting against radiation catastrophe
Jerusalem Post, July 14, 2017
BioSpace-logo Pluristem Therapeutics (PSTI) Advances Its Multinational Phase III Critical Limb Ischemia Study
BioSpace, July 10, 2017
logo-globes-en The Health System Care in Israel-  A Reference to the OECD report (written in Hebrew)
Globes. July 3, 2017
fyi Critical Limb Ischemia- an unmet need
FYI News, June 2017
fyi Cell therapy – the next generation of biological therapeutic products
FYI News, June 2017
fyi Placental cell therapy
FYI News, June 2017
JPost  The Israeli company protecting against radiation catastrophe
Jerusalem Post, May 26, 2017
HSNW  Pocket-size biological solution to radioactive threats
Homeland Security news wire, May 15, 2017
HSNW  EXCLUSIVE: Are Governments Sufficiently Prepared for Nuclear Incidents?
Homeland Security Today, April 20, 2017
CNA-Finance-Logo1  Can Pluristem Therapeutics (PSTI) Corner The Acute Radiation Syndrome(ARS) Market?
CNA Finance, April 10, 2017
defense-news  US Tests Potential Israeli Cure for Victims of ‘Nuclear Terrorism’
Defense News, March 30, 2017
drug dev  CELL THERAPY – PLX-R18: Cell Therapy for Treatment of Acute Radiation Syndrome & Bone Marrow Failure Diseases
Drug Development, February 28, 2017
bio connection  Regenerative Medicine for Effective, Non-Invasive Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia
The Bio Connection, February 15, 2017
gen  Pluristem, NYBC Win $900K to Test PLX-R18 Cells Alongside Cord Blood Transplants
GEN news, December 27, 2016
gen Pluristem, Sosei Set Up in Japan to Commercialize Cell Therapy for CLI
GEN news, December 20, 2016
Seeking_Alpha_logo1 Phase III Cell Therapy Company Pluristem Gets $8 Million Grant For Pivotal Trial In $12 Billion CLI Market
Seeking Alpha, August 21, 2016
orthopedic Pluristem: Trial of PLX-PAD Cells for Femoral Neck Fracture
Orthopedics this week, August 11, 2016